Discover your self-healing powers in the healing base in the beautiful surroundings of Spain .

An important part of the Healing Weeks is to be able to gain new experiences and to deliberately exchange ideas in the group. There are some hostels on the island, but the holistic base with its holistic approach is a place where you can also focus on your health and development during your stay.

From April to September

During this period, the Healing Base mainly functions like a hostel with a variety of offers. During this time there is a small framework of activities that gives orientation and support, but also a lot of free time to discover the island or to relax on the beach.

So far it is planned that the Healing Weeks will take place twice a month. The number of participants in the Healing Weeks is limited to a maximum of 12, so there is enough time and space to get to know each other better and to exchange experiences. This also gives you the opportunity to respond better to individual people. The time in the Healing Base welds together and together with a little back cover you can get on better!

Healing Weeks

The framework

The framework of the Healing Weeks is an integral part of the daily routine. It takes place in the program of the Healing Weeks and the Co-Living period. This supporting program of the Healing Base is the pillar of the base and aims to bring body and mind into balance.

A booking also includes:
  • The opening ceremony
  • A cleaning Kit
  • A massage
  • A Reiki treatment
  • A personal healing stone
  • A cocoa ceremony
  • The joint closing ceremony

Each participant in the Healing Weeks receives exclusive access to the Facebooksupport group in order to continue to provide a space for support and exchange among themselves in the future. If you wish, you can continue to request personal 1: 1 support, follow-up coaching via email, telephone, Skype after visiting Healing Week. You are welcome to email me if you are interested info@thehealingbase.com.

Optionally, further treatments can be requested by me personally, such as 1: 1 holistic transformation coaching, Reiki treatment, strategic alignment consultation, karma diagnostics and a numerology analysis. Here you can learn more about the holistic therapy approaches and my work.


Special healing weeks are planned, in which certain topics will be addressed more intensively. Here we devote ourselves to a topic and there are even more program items. If you are interested in one of these special weeks, sned us an e-mail to info@thehealingbase.com and we will let you know about possible dates. Even if you are unable to come to our Healing Week, but are still interested in personal coaching, you can contact me. I am happy to accompany you in your process.

Special Healing Weeks - Themes
  • Health Fasting
  • Vegan Ketogenic
  • Raw Food Week
  • Juice Fasting
  • Masterfast
  • Week of Release
  • Digital Detox
  • Mastermind
  • Mastermind Showdown
  • Creativity Boost
  • Sisterhood
  • Break Free