About Me

My name is Lena .

The last 10 years of my life I spent researching various healing methods. In my youth I suffered from a lot of health issues, so in the year of 2012 I decided to - literally - go on a journey to search for healing.

My Background

For over 10 years I suffered from chronic health issues including chronic pain, endometriosis and I had to endure over 14 operations on my arms because of infected lymph nodes. Because of chronic fatigue I could not get out of bed, i had problems to sleep, eat and to function on a daily basis like a "normal" human being. It affected every aspect of my life so much that I could not take care of myself, my finances, my friends or even go to work. In the Age of 21-23 i hit rock bottom. I began my healing journey with a lot of inner work and tried for 10 years to go through every single fasting system I had heard about, I visited healers from all over the globe, trying the raw food diet, high-carb diet and finally I can say that for the past two years I have been fully recovered. I achieved this by following a vegan ketogenic diet and in this time, not only did I get rid of all the last symptoms I had been struggling with, but my health started skyrocketing. Today I am not only aiming to be healthy but to maximize my potential in every aspect of my life.  My goal is to educate people all over the globe about the vegan ketogenic diet and help people to get their power back so that they can transform their life to become the person they were always meant to be. I believe in you and I know that where is a will, there is a way!

In addition to living in Gran Canaria I traveled for more than 5 years, to different places in the world looking for different healing methods, talked to spiritual teachers and healers, acquired knowledge and techniques and could heal on a spiritual and physical level in 2018 to 100%. Over time, I also began my training as a naturopath and therapist. Between 2012/2013 I received the first Reiki degree and in 2016 the second degree. In India, I completed my yoga teacher training in 2017 and am currently preparing for the alternative practitioner exam for psychotherapy (2021).

My wish is to pass on the techniques that I have learned in recent years. In my work as Transformation and Diet-Coach, I have created various programs to guide people going through their transformation and especially on their diet journey. I work with a holistic approach and pass on the techniques and knowledge that support each individual to break through mental blockages and transform their life to see real results. Nutrition and Diet is the first step to bringing health back and finding a harmonious balance between body, mind and soul.

My Specializations:


Fasting Cures

Detox Methods

Karma Diagnostics

Strategic Alignment

Transformational Coaching

My motivation .


When developing The Vegan Keto Bootcampprogram, it is very important to me to create an opportunity for people to break free from old habits and create new ones. Certainly some would like some support or exchange with heart issues, want to develop new routines and want to be able to reach their maximum potential. My Goal is to help people to get as fast as possible into ketosis and stay there for a specific time without a break! Metabolic Flexibility is reached by staying a longer period in ketosis and getting into fat adaptation. This is why i coach my clients in 4 different phases to get them to reach that peak performance of our metabolic rate.


I lived in Gran Canaria for some time in a large community of up to 70 people. Many different people with very strong personalities. We learned a lot from each other, supported each other. This time in the group was very inspiring and showed me how mch you can grow in an environment. Unfortunately, this house project no longer exists here in the Canaries. I have the vision of creating a space for people who want to spend a little more time on this island. The framework of the Healing Base (daily routine and practice should create the optimal conditions that help each of us to reach our potential.

As the first holistic co-living space, this sheltered space offers the opportunity to live, work, meet new people in one of the most beautiful places in the world and also deal with other issues such as healthy eating, fitness and spirituality. Read more about the Co-Living-Space here.